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To know about account open and any other information

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Any queries regarding share Trading:

Are you thinking for your trade? We are providing 4(four) nos. of procedures to perform a trade through us. You can apply any one or all among the procedures when and whichever you judge better.

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Queries regarding Back Office:

You can get information of your portfolio, details accounts status, confirmation of trade through our SMS , Internet, in house and telephonic services.

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Any queries to Depository Participant(DP)

You can call to know relating to your BO acknowledge, any modification of BO account information, change of power of attorney(POA), nominee, transfer and transmission of shares, dematerialization of shares, IPO, bonus and right shares, pledge and unpledgeing etc.

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Would you deposit money or withdrawal?

Our customer account desk are waiting for your instruction to give prompt service by providing different process i.e SMS, internet, in house and telephonic services whichever you desire.

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Any queries regarding margin loan account

Would you know about our margin loan facilities or your margin loan account status?

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