Online Service:

  • Online share trading (Market Order)
  • After trade hours your portfolio will be sent to your email address.
  • We receive money through account payee cheque, pay order, cash & online deposit or any mode that you feel comfortable and based on discussion.
  • Arrangement of fund transfer through Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network(BEFTN).

Brokerage Services:

  • Trading facilities Dhaka Stock Exchange
  • Trading of Portfolio Accounts
  • Margin facility from our own fund to the prospective clients
  • TBSL is proveding new Public Issuer Application Process (PIAP) services to its clients.

Trading & Customers Services:

  • Hassle Free Trading Facility for Customers
  • Large multimedia trading screen
  • Ladies corner for share trading
  • Orders can be received through e-mail, telephone or fax
  • Trade execution confirmation is provided to clients through e-mail
  • Strictly maintained confidentiality of client accounts.

Research & Analysis Services:

  • Statistics and economic Review
  • Daily stock market insight information review
  • Sector and company wise updates
  • Timely information about profitable investment opportunities
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Quality economic & investment research

CDBL Services:

  • Full service DP
  • BO (Beneficial Owner) accounts opening and maintenance
  • Dematerialization and Re-materialization
  • Transfers and Transmission through CDBL
  • Pledging, Un-pledging and confiscation of securities
  • Corporate announcement management